The name gives us a clue to its use (the recta bit)

Neustaedter ran a proving of 3 men and 12 women and was surprised that practically no urinogental symptoms surfaced, one male had tenderness in his testes. The provers were all in there 20’s. It would highly unlikely that the main symptoms of CLEMATIS ERECTA would show to any extent in a group of this age and with so few males. It is worth noting that many of the provings in the material medica suffer from very small samples. Much of what we know of remedies comes form clinical experience and if that doesn’t happen the remedy stays in its theoretical state. We have much to thank homeopaths of the like of Sankaran for developing systems that allow us to see plants in groups, or from Scholten for seeing the minerals (and now the plants) in groups.

In the proving of CLEMATIS ERECTA the mental emotional symptoms were much more prevalent:

Kent says:

“He fears to be alone, yet dreads company. He dreads the necessity of having company, and it seems that the atmosphere is full of frightful and distressing things to worry him. This makes him low-spirited.”

Clematis is for those dreaming of a bright, fulfilled future, while the present is empty of incentive or joy.

The Bach flower remedy:

A longing for future fulfillment, with the awareness or acknowledgment of present insufficiencies, determines the inner attitude.

CREATIVENESS and VISION would describe the mental and emotional focus and hence the physical is focused on eyes and genitals. The struggle is anger and vexation.

It is in the Ranunculaceae family and the table shows you the spread of this families therapeutic range.


vexation and anger

vexed raw nerves electric shock insulted, morbid bursting

numbness and blunting

Acute PANIC Acon
Typhiod CRITCAL Hell
Ringworm TRYING Act-sp
Sycosis FIXIDITY Puls
Tubercular CHANGE Cimic
Leprous ISOLATION Hydr
Syhillitic DESTRUCTION Clem

CLEMATIS is a member of the Ranuculeae, the buttercup family. We know lots about many of the remedies in this family, particularly ACONITE, PULSATILLA and STAPHYSAGRIA. Using Mac repertory to compare ACONITE and STAPHYSAGRIA the two main themes in common are: ANGER and VEXATION

In CLEMATIS this energy is turned in, the anger becomes self destructive, they see their failures, or “roads less traveled” as obstacles to further development. Their history of failures in relationships, even when they are in one, makes them unable to reach out and address the issues. The failure here is tied up with the ego and hence lots of male sexual issues that can be pathological.

The struggle is ANGER and VEXATION (Sankaran suggest: destroyed because of anger and vexation and places the remedy in the syphilitic miasm). Vexed raw nerves, electric shock, insulted, morbid bursting, numbness and blunting.

DREAMS: accused of wrongful crime. FEAR of being alone, disinclined to meet even agreeable company.

CLEMATIS is a remedy commonly thought of in problems with testes, but from this short outline its possible to see how as a remedy it is more than just a therapeutic remedy.

Orchitis. Testes hang heavy or retracted. Testicles indurated with bruised feeling. Swelling of right half of the scrotum. Aversion for sex. Swelling of the spermatic cord with burning and soreness, extending to abdomen. Burning in penis during seminal discharge during sex. Violent erections with stitches in urethra. Illio-scrotal neuralgia.

The initial back ground to the case may present AUR, LYC, THUJA, NUX-VOM, SULP, NAT-M, and MERC. It is relatively easy to see this layer and most of these remedies have a focus on the male genitals already.

However, along with CLEMATIS there are several other remedies you might call on so lets look at these male remedies

Men come into the clinic presenting:

THUJA – hiding – split lives, split in two lives – tea drinkers – dope smokers – many partners

LYCOPODIUM – failure – never good enough, never reaching their destination and not sure what they wanted to achieve – father mother – fail to thrive – tired afternoon – mum’s apple pie – hair loss – sexual dysfunction

NUX VOMICA – ambitious, driven to compete – deception and self deception – alcohol – spicy food – aggression

AURUM – got to be the best or own the best – money – gold – extreme lack of confidence

SULPHUR – collects things – theorises

NATRUM MURIATICUM – idealised loved, falls in love with the wrong partner or the wrong career – loves their mum

STAPHYSAGRIA – needs to know the rules to be safe – history of abuse

MERCURY SOLUBIS – loose boundaries – corrosive – sweaty

All these remedies can have things wrong with their testicles or think they might have prostrate cancer.


Hydrocele of boys from birth. (Sil.) Drawing from spermatic cord into abdomen and thighs. Orchitis, glands feel crushed. Testicles, worse left, swollen, painful, drawn up. Induration and swelling of testes after gonorrhea. Itching, wrinkled, sweaty, scrotum. Glans feels crushed.


Orchitis. Testes hang heavy or retracted. Testicles indurated with bruised feeling. Swelling of right half of the scrotum. Aversion for sex. Swelling of the spermatic cord with burning and soreness, extending to abdomen. Burning in penis during seminal discharge during sex. Violent erections with stitches in urethra. Ilio-scrotal neuralgia.


Sexual neurasthenia with impotence. Strong and lasting erections in the morning without increase of desire. Enlargement of testicles and epididymis.

SABAL SERRULATA (saw palmetto)

Genital organs feel cold. Prostatic troubles with discharge of prostatic fluid. Enlarged prostate. Atrophy of testes. Epididymitis. Testes drawn up, painfully. Impotency, loss of sexual power. Sex is painful at the time of emission. Semen thick, causes hot feeling along the cord. Sexual neurotics. Coldness of external genitals. Dull aching in prostate extending into abdomen. Gonorrhea. Drawing pains in spermatic cords. Shrunk testes increase in size. Hard erections. Slight twisting chordee as if stretched from the root. Sexual desire diminished, ailments from suppression of sexual desire.


Gonorrhea with pus-like discharge. Sycotic warts, growths. Burning, sore pain in glans. Prepuce painful with difficulty in retracting it. Sexual desire increased with violent continuous erections. Hard swelling on dorsum of penis.


Male – Testicles hard and enlarged. Ill effects of suppressed sexual desires. Sexual nervousness with feeble erection. Prostatitis. Dribbling of prostatic fluid worse stools, emotions etc. Desire increased, power decreased. Impotence. Prostate cancer. Erections imperfect and of too short duration. Seminal discharge, provoked by mere presence of a woman or contact. Sexual nervousness, dejection after sex. Cutting in urethra while semen passes. Itching in prepuce. Sexual desire without erection.


Male – Flaccid, sweaty genitals. Impotency, relaxation of penis during excitement. Impotency after gonorrhea with mental depression. Spermatorrhea. No emission and no orgasm during embrace. Pruritus. Organs seem larger, puffed, relaxed, cold, sweating, skin of scrotum thick. Erections when half-asleep, cease when fully awake. Glans very red. Glans like a rag. Atonic pollution. Prepuce retracted after sex. Genitals cold. (Agnus)


Male – Sexual weakness. Dribbling of semen during sleep. Prostatitis, prostatic adenoma. Dribbling of prostatic fluid. Irritability after sex. Loss of sexual power with lascivious fancies. Lascivious but impotent. Increases desire, decreases ability. On attempting sex, penis relaxes. Easy loss of semen during sex with feeble erection, but long continued voluptuous thrill during stools. Semen watery, odorless. Oozing of prostatic fluid during sleep, while sitting, walking and at stool. Hydrocele. Chronic gleet. Bedwetting, chronic urethritis. Papillomas on the penis.


enlarged prostate. (Ferr-pic., Sabal.)

Kidneys – Burning in urethra and frequent desire. Urine hard to start. Spasmodic stricture.

Urine – Profuse deposit of white amorphous salts. Heavy deposit of mucus. Gravel deposits.

a remedy for gravel, profuse deposit of white amorphous salts in urine. Kidney stones, kidney colic, bloody urine. It acts on the ureters. Pain in lumbar region. Dizziness. Oppression of chest.

Hansen adds that it is particularly useful for profuse deposits of white amorphous salts in the urine and Hydrang. has arrested the tendency to formation of stones, relieves distress from kidney stones with soreness over region of kidneys and bloody urine.


senile hypertrophy of the prostate gland with frequent urination at night with full feeling and pressure in rectum. Smarting at neck of the bladder and penis. Retention of urine. Warts and epithelial growths, corns with yellowish discoloration. Nosebleeds. Chronic deafness and tinnitus due to gout. Meatus dry. Pseudo-leukemia.

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