Our healthy planet

Our healthy planet

I work as a homeopath and I am daily reminded that we can only really be as healthy as our planet is.

Just how good is our food, even when it is grown organically or in the wild? What about our diet so dependent on cows and sheep? Even the vegetarians eat a lot of dairy product.

I lived in New Zealand for a year and there the wild bush and forest have layers of life. Epihytes, hanging half way up the trees, forming an intermediate canopy. This is a country that was not settled till about 800 years ago and Europeans (Pakeha as they called by the earlier settlers) have only been there 200 years. Until then there were no other mammals and there was no clearing.

The British settlers removed some of the tallest trees in the world (Kauri: Agathis Australi) reaching some 40-50m in height. With the felling of these giants a complete canopy environment disappeared. Since these trees were more than 600 years old, replacing them will not happen in the near future. There are just a handful of these trees left. Even so, walking in the forests seems very different to walking in a UK woodland. On many walks the epiphytes, hanging from the branches of trees, create a vista of life and activity literally on all levels, the colour and the diversity means you could never mistake it for an English woodland. A strange comparison to this is seen walking in a Manuka wood, where the trees look as if a fire has swept through as they have a black powdery fungus on them and the Manuka tree seems to be able to almost establish and maintain a monoculture, as well as living in a mixed environment.

The ephiphyte layered type of forest was common all over the UK after the last ice age. Land clearing for farming over the centuries has removed this type of forest completely. Much of the UK has been replanted with conifers, landowners with dreams of money being made from the paper industry only to be dashed by technology that now recycles, and these woodlands are now left to their own devices that are pretty stagnant. Elsewhere where we supposedly have ancient forest there is still very little wildness. Conservation in Canada allows trees to fall and stay where they are, here any public woodland is “managed” for a quick buck. Nowhere in the UK are the woodlands natural or healthy and cover only 10% of there original land area.

When you venture away from the remnants of great forest onto the hillside they are either covered in heather or sheep grazed grass. Again nothing wild, nothing left to nature to correct.

All this even before we come to our agricultural deserts, where we have to add minerals every year to increase the crop yield. Where we farm to the very margins of the fields and create wonderful laboratories for TB amongst the cows and other animals. A farming industry based around livestock and oil companies, where nutrients are divided only into fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

It is common for us to look back to a “golden era” and there is even a term; Shifting Baseline Syndrome coined by Daniel Pauly, which describes every generation in terms of how things have changed since they first experienced their environment, their food, their world. We tend to think things have only got bad recently. When we look at climate change with the “hockey stick” graph, it’s the last 150 years doing all the damage. However farming has been clearing land for thousands of years. Sheep, the great clearers, are running out of new frontiers. Originating from Cyprus and Corisca they have populated as much as the globe as humans. Wherever they have established themselves, they reduce the land to marginal grassland.

It is possible to reverse this decline, fencing land away from sheep, adding charcoal to the soil (with its great ability to hold micro-organisms – see Biochar Solution: Carbon Farming & Climate Change (Sustainable Agriculture)

Albert K. Bates 978-0865716773) and planting trees (not conifers). However this takes time and its necessary to exclude humans from this natural process. In the meantime we are left with a high carbon consuming, low food value agriculture.

So, as a homeopath, we start from a point of the individual, even a healthy person, being depleted. Our remedies reflect this. Over recent years we have been driven to discover not only more about our remedies but also to look at new remedies. We have made remedies from many of the animal milks – all these mammals are not the mammals they would have been 2-300 years ago. We even have a remedy made from skimmed cow’s milk LAC DEFLORATUM. Milk with all the “goodness” removed – a remedy for extremes of sexual abuse and neglect.

The remedies we have derived from trees are also from trees not in their best condition. For Cabbage Tree (CORDYLINE AUSTRALIS http://homeopathyonline.org.uk/8-2/cabbage-tree/ ) I took the sample for the proving from the last complete woodland of these trees, everywhere else they occur individually, or in small groups, on the edges of woodlands – a shadow of their former selves.
So many of our most useful remedies are made from plants and animals themselves in trouble. Is this why they are so useful? Their own distressed state reflects our current health plights. If this is so it does mean that remedies need to be remade from new sources from time to time and, more importantly will need to be reproved. Certainly a remedy like APIS MELLIFICA with the current threat of annihilation would be a strong contender for a reproving. With these re-provings we would not expect to see many changes to the physical materia medica, more to the mental and emotional symptom picture. This would not be totally outside the original proving but and extension to those symptoms.

Its also interesting that technology, particularly in the area of renewable energy and information technology, has called for the use of the so-called “rare earth” minerals. Many of these are in the Lanthanide series and Scholtens recent work in this area has shown how helpful these remedies will be in the post modern world. A world where everyone is some sort of celebrity and these remedies sit between PERFORMANCE and PERFECTION.

So, apart from vigilance in relation to the remedy pictures, how can homeopathy attend to these issues? It is not just the food intake that’s depleted and polluted. Young families now often have both parents working 5 days a week, children are in nursery care not for a couple of hours a day but sometimes from 7.30 in the morning till 6pm at night. This regime can start as early as their first birthday.

Add to this a constantly polluted environment, with petrochemicals constantly poured in to the air and a regular regime of vaccinations with their inbuilt toxicity.

The “healthy” child will still respond to the simillimum, more so than the resulting adult. However the autistic child will also have gut issues and all sorts of issues of toxicity in the system. With care and close attention there are new evolving methods (https://lenmarlow.wordpress.com/2014/12/10/working-with-autism-a-homeopathic-framework/) to support these children with homeopathy and to work towards prescribing the simillimum.

Adults with immune compromised conditions can also benefit from homeopathy but again don’t expect to prescribe a single remedy straight away. Organ support as well as fundamental and miasmatic remedies will be needed.

All this devastation to the planet has an impact on all living things. Humans are blessed with another dimension to their being. Each individual will see their will and their inner being in a different way but in summary there is a spiritual dimension to humans. This part of our development is also depleted, partly by what we eat but also by the world we live in. Demands come at us every second. While we are not expecting to be eaten by another mammal any more the torrent of information and interpersonal demands means many people come to the homeopath emotionally depleted, mentally depleted and “spiritually” depleted.

The work that came from Martin Miles (http://homeopathyonline.org.uk/8-2/thymus-cases/) and the Guild of Homeopaths is very important in working with these people (which is most of the “advanced” civilisations). Here the New Age remedies, as they have been termed, are essential. Also prescribing in three’s becomes the most productive method. That is, to prescribe on the person and the space they coming from, their history and their incarnation. Prescribing methods that relate to the Chakras (https://lenmarlow.wordpress.com/2014/12/10/the-chakras-in-homeopathy/) tend to be the most productive. Some practitioners will be using these methods without ascribing them to any understanding of the Chakras. However this understanding (not for homeopathy itself) has been developed over at least 5,000 years and we would be foolish to discard such wisdom and understanding. Somehow there was a complete understanding of the endocrine system without any knowledge of the actual existence of the particular glands. The pineal gland wasn’t isolated till 1926. The seven main chakras and there understanding mimics the action of the seven endocrine glands perfectly.

Homeopathy has been under sustained attack from the medico-petrochemical industry yet it survives. Arguments rage about the science behind homeopathy yet we managed to use Newtonian physics for 400 years with no understanding or explanation of what gravity (the key constant in Newtonian mechanics) was or where it came from. We had to wait for Einstein’s theories before any understanding of Gravity could be scientifically demonstrated. Emerging from Einstein’s work are the 4 fundamental universal forces. Gravity being one of those along with the electromagnetic force, the strong force and the weak force. The weak force and string theory could easily explain potentised remedies.

The science is just round the corner but that doesn’t really matter, the important thing is to take homeopathy and use it. Soon there may not be an alternative.

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