Working with Autism – a homeopathic framework

Working with Autism – a homeopathic framework


Before working with Autism there needs to be a clear understanding of what any treatment needs to address. Looking at this from past cases, where homeopathy has been useful, and looking at other therapies there seem to be three areas that need to be addressed.


  1. Those elements of the case that seem to be predisposing factors e.g. a particular trauma or incident that seems to mark the day from which symptoms started to develop. This can be in utero or in the early months, it can also be in the family history. The trauma may also not be the cause but only added markedly to the situation.
  2. It seems to very common in Autism that the individual has digestive and assimilation issues. Very common to the point where every therapist must take account of this and have options of ways to attend to this. This may present as allergies to certain foods, it may be unsettled bowels and it may be as extreme as a condition called “Leaky Gut”. Wherever the symptoms are on this spectrum they need to be considered.
  3. In some cases it is hard to see the individual within but if the therapy is to make any progress the process must also have ways of finding and reaching the individual.


While many therapies can attend to one of these areas and do combine with other therapies to cover all three, Homeopathy is privileged in that it has methods that can access all three. Equally it can work along side and extend the effectiveness of other therapies. One of the most common reports to good homeopathic prescribing would be something like; my son has a new teacher at school, she really understands him and he is now doing well. Or, we recently seem to be having a break through with the occupational therapist. Or, we have seen very little change at home but in school he is mixing and has made friends.


In so many therapies things are done to us, we become vulnerable to the process. In homeopathy we start to get choice back, we engage and this is very important in autism, as a key disturbance is lack of meaningful and helpful engagement with others.


What defines homeopathy?


The first principle in homeopathy is treating like with like; that which can cause a disturbance can also resolve it.


This principle is not purely observed in homeopathy. In the conventional treatment of hyperactivity Ritalin (methylphenidate), a known stimulant, is used in small doses to calm hyperactive children. An even more common area is in radiotherapy, where materials that we are well aware can causes cancers, are used to kill the cancers.


The second principle is the process should follow the law of cure. That is:

  • Symptoms should move from more important to less important organs e.g. treating kidney issues might give a skin rash.
  • Symptoms move from the centre outward, this may show as a skin disease remaining on some extremities when it has predominantly gone from elsewhere. Or a digestive problem responds with a skin rash. There is a centripetal action that can be observed.
  • Symptoms may move down the body, this is often observed in Chicken Pox.
  • Lastly there is also a reserve order of symptoms. There is a replay of earlier symptoms, called a return of old symptoms. So symptoms long gone, say since being a teenager, may reappear. This last version of “law of cure” is particularly useful and gives credence to the individual moving in the right direction.



These principles are not what are seen as controversial in homeopathy. Homeopathy gleans its doubters and critics from its use of very diluted substances. This process of ultra dilution, called potentisation, allows homeopaths to use even very poisonous substance without harming the individual. It also means when you are working with very sick people you are not adding to any toxicology.


The remedies work because the homeopath individualises them to the person not to the disease. This, of course makes double blind testing, as it is currently applied, a very weak tool to demonstrate the efficacy of homeopathy.


How is homeopathy used in a case where there are symptoms of autism?


In all cases where autism, ADHD and issues with development are concerned the three areas outlined above all need to be addressed (the condition, the individual, the gut).


This will result in a slightly varying range of treatment methods depending on the circumstances:


  1. Where there is a clear picture of the individual’s current state. This may be because other therapies have dealt with other issues (for instance diet may have sorted out the gut issues). In these cases a clear remedy picture emerges for the child and this may be given, perhaps only once, in the form of 2 or 3 tablets over 24 hours. This is not the usual situation but, equally, not rare. The case would be reviewed after a month.


  1. Individual with clear etiology. More commonly there is a clear picture of a remedy but there is also clear picture of an etiology that needs to be attended to. Here the prescription may consist of a remedy or remedies for the etiological issues, often given once a week and followed by the remedy for the individual given another day that week. Here remedies like DPT and MMR may be used on their remedy picture more than as “never been week since” vaccination prescriptions. In this model the individual remedy will usually be supported by an associated remedy for the gut symptoms, even if good progress has already been made in this area.
  2. The individual is subsumed by the state. Where there is more disturbance or estrangement, then the homeopath would look towards the CEASE method. CEASE (complete elimination of autistic spectrum expression) where each and every layer of toxicology is given as an isopathic prescription. This is combined with remedies/supplements for the individual and for the gut. This programme takes several months.


So programmes for treatment might look as follows:


Method 1


week Remedy Review
Week 1 day 1 LYCOPODIUM 1M taken night, morning, night In one month


Method 2


Week Monday Wednesday Friday


Here the remedies made from the vaccines are given on their homeopathic picture rather than specifically for removing any toxic effect of a particular vaccine. The family may have felt the condition emanated from the day after the vaccine or not. That is not the sole reason for choice here.


In the case shown here the reaction to the MMR 200 was an immediate temperature which passed with two doses of BELLADONNA 200 and similarly with DPT 1M there was a temperature reported as ”exactly the same symptoms blocked nose, temperature as after vaccination”. Again it was easily dealt with by a single dose BELLADONNA 200. These two acute reactions do convey that the vaccines had a part to play but equally the “return of old symptoms” demonstrates clearly the law of cure.


Elsewhere I have described the homeopathic picture of these two vaccines and they are both very helpful in working with autism.


The remedy in the Friday column is given to support the disturbance in the gut. These remedies are called bowel nosodes and are chosen by their picture and how they relate to the individual remedy given on the Wednesday.


In this case the MMR and DPT were given ascending as there seemed to have been quite a strong reaction to the vaccines, in another case the prescription might look more like this:


Week Monday Wednesday Friday
Review after 4 weeks



Or this:


Monday Wednesday Friday
Week one MMR 200 VERATRUM ALB 200 SAC ALB 200
Week two MMR 200 VERATRUM ALB 200 SAC ALB 200
Week three MMR 200 VERATRUM ALB 200 SAC ALB 200
Week four MMR 200 VERATRUM ALB 200 SAC ALB 200
The continue VERATRUM ALB 200 SAC ALB 200


I tend to use the 200th potency for the vaccine remedy when its given as a remedy picture or as a nosode. I feel this is the most dynamic potency.


In this second case I opted to use SAC ALB (Sacharum album. Cane sugar) rather than a bowel nosode but its application was for the same reason as giving an indicated bowel nosode.


I tend to use this third day prescription in place of extended use of supplements. Often the choice to use supplements has already been investigated by the family and I do not alter anything that’s already in place (unless it clearly the wrong thing to do). I do support and encourage the use of Casein and Gluten (dairy and wheat) free diet in many cases and I do encourage the use of probiotics to re-establish bowel flora. Beyond this I think you need a high level of knowledge and experience of nutrition to make any confident advice. I also find that the bowel nosodes, in particular, help dramatically.



Method 3


Monday Wednesday Friday
Week 1 Hep A 30 Lycopodium 200 Bacillus-7 200
Week 2 Hep A 200 Lycopodium 200 Bacillus-7 200
Week 3 Hep A 1M Lycopodium 200 Bacillus-7 200
Week 4 Hep A 10M Lycopodium 200 Bacillus-7 200
Week 5 Variocella 30 Lycopodium 200 Bacillus-7 200
Week 6 Variocella 200 Lycopodium 200 Bacillus-7 200
Week 7 Variocella 1M Lycopodium 200 Bacillus-7 200
Week 8 VAriocella 10M Lycopodium 200 Bacillus-7 200
Week 9 Hep B 30 Lycopodium 200 Bacillus-7 200
Week 10 Hep B 200 Lycopodium 200 Bacillus-7 200
Week 11 Hep B 1M Lycopodium 200 Bacillus-7 200
Week 12 Hep B 10M Lycopodium 200 Bacillus-7 200
Week 13 MMR 30 Lycopodium 200 Bacillus-7 200
Week 14 MMR 200 Lycopodium 200 Bacillus-7 200
Week 15 MMR 1M Lycopodium 200 Bacillus-7 200
Week 16 MMR 10M Lycopodium 200 Bacillus-7 200
Week 17 IPV 30 Lycopodium 200 Bacillus-7 200
Week 18 IPV 200 Lycopodium 200 Bacillus-7 200
Week 19 IPV 1M Lycopodium 200 Bacillus-7 200
Week 20 IPV 10M Lycopodium 200 Bacillus-7 200
Week 21 Pneumococcal 30 Lycopodium 200 Bacillus-7 200
Week 22 Pneumococcal 200 Lycopodium 200 Bacillus-7 200
Week 23 Pneumococcal 1M Lycopodium 200 Bacillus-7 200
Week 24 Pneumococcal 10M Lycopodium 200 Bacillus-7 200
Week 25 DTaPiV 30 Lycopodium 200 Bacillus-7 200
Week 26 DTaPiV 200 Lycopodium 200 Bacillus-7 200
Week 27 DTaPiV 1M Lycopodium 200 Bacillus-7 200
Week 28 DTaPiV 10M Lycopodium 200 Bacillus-7 200


It is not hard to see the limitation of this method in that it needs a lot of time and a lot of remedies and so is also prone to be thrown of course by other events. This is an isopathic process, giving the exact thing that ”caused” the issue, so by its very nature is not addressing the underlying cause. So it will not be until you reach the end of this programme that you start on the truly homeopathic process. However, in its defense, there are situations where this is what you need to do.


There are inevitably at least two stages to treatment. First the rescue so that we can communicate with the individual then there is the continuing support process. Sometimes this is relatively clear and simple as in method 1, other times there is quite a long trawl.



Further areas of homeopathic work in autism


By far the most useful and common method from the above three methods is method two. This framework allows variation and regular feedback and intervention when necessary. It also allows the possibilities of discovering the acute remedies that the individual responds to.


The reaction to the programme may generate coughs and these inevitably need several remedies, usually in the 30th potency. From a knowledge of treating the “100 day cough” or whopping cough as it is more commonly known, it becomes clear that there are patterns of cough remedies and how they resolve into individual fundamental remedies. These remedies will continue to be acute remedies for the individual and will be useful in other acutes as well. The family can start to have a first aid kit that works for the minor traumas.


Having gained some stability for the individual there are also approaches in treatment that can really help rebuild the inner person. We are not only defined by how well we talk and socialise and what sports we can play we all have a personal inner journey. Some cases seem more cut-off from where they came from than having any anger that they are here. Here a remedy like THYMUS GLAND starts to be very useful and the programme then might be:


Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Rest of week
Review case


SILICEA in the above case was given partly on the fact that the pregnancy had been IVF (in vitro fertilisation). So the remedy was not only being given as the person’s individual remedy but also on the etiology of her conception. Since there is inevitably a trauma for the child in IVF, this will touch on development going on at such a creative stage of being. It is not surprising the case went towards THYMUS GLAND.


I have found that children conceived through IVF and other technical pregnancies frequently need SILCEA at some time during treatment. This is for all babies and infants who have arrived in this way. They are invariable more chilly than other children and at some point bring together an indication for SILICEA. After this they warm up.


THYMUS GLAND is a good support when vaccinations are being considered and the thymus gland seems to be a gland that is particularly affected by adverse vaccine reactions.


It is common to see the remedies THYMUS GLAND being followed by THUJA and then TUBERCULNUM. Ranging from being given over 3 days (or even 24 hours) to being indicated separately over several months of consultations. These remedies work especially on our Heart Centre issues and are about our personal growth. This work in general practice leads to deeper work in areas of personal development.


Digestion and assimilation.


My experience has been that while the digestive system is not functioning in a normal way any progress with treating autism is limited and not lasting. This is a common view amongst therapist in general. The GFCF diet has been found to be very useful. This consists of removing gluten and casein from the individuals diet. Gluten is found in many products but loosely speaking can be said to be grain based products, especially wheat. Caseins are dairy based products. While cow based products are often the worst, where there is a sensitivity, at least at first, other dairy products should also be removed. Less well known is the effect of Glutamates, of which monosodium glutamate is one. These can also be a disaster in the gut area.


It is important not to approach this on a “war based footing”. As with all diet changes for children, it is better and easier if the whole family can embrace them; either by all the family adopting the diet or, at least, being very respectful of the diet. The individual’s brother or sister declining to eat “that muck” isn’t helpful. So to avoid these issues, some families cannot switch to GFCF over night and certainly not pick up being Glutamate free as well.


If damage to the gut is suspected (e.g. very runny stools) then using probiotics to re-establish bowel flora is a good idea. Usually the best way is to give a daily supplement in the form of a capsule for a period of 3 months.








The Chakras in Homeopathy

The Chakras in Homeopathy

I am posting this article for Homeopaths and other healers to explore. If you have additional knowledge this is a place to share that. If you feel you need to criticise or condemn please go to another site, there are plenty.

Where should we start with the Chakras?

There are seven main chakras that are important to us. Three lower and three upper separated by the heart. The heart is the fulcrum of all growth.

Lets us start at the base

The base Chakra is where we get stuck. It is governed by the planet Saturn, the hard father. The father who sends us back to try again. That can be an external father, in the form of a biological father or external forces of work or the family, or more often it is our internal limiting self.

We get stuck here, its not that for many that we try and fail in life it is that we never get started. The result will be diseases of ossification, hardening of arteries, but also infertility and much other pathology that we may place elsewhere may be stuck or have its roots here. The overriding pathology is Sycotic. Chaos and fixed ideas.

This over arching control from Saturn means that at 28ish and 49ish, those years of Saturn return, these issues can be both pronounced but equally have their greatest possibilities for change.

Our lives’ develop in 7 years cycles. In the West we consider 21 to be the adult point but it is between 21 and 28 that we live out our parents aspirations, their dreams and wishes and we live them out by exploring them or rejecting them. The possibility for freedom comes around 28. If we ignore this, or took the “wrong” path, then it comes back at 49 with a greater possibility of pathology. Many problems of the menopause are reflected in issues not dealt with at 28 and this is often where you need to look in the case for the remedy.

The element is Earth. Remedies like CALCAREA CARBONICA.The colour is RED. The base Chakra carries our past memories.

If you want to explore a clients true path, ask about the games they played at 6-7. Their adult life should reflect those games. So if they were always building structures then that has to be expressed somewhere in their adult life (e.g. building their own house, or a hands on manager).If they were making sure their dolls were always well then they will probably working in the caring professions.

The route through the chakras is not linear. However, in our desire to move from the base Chakra we often excite the generative Chakra. This Chakra is paired with the brow Chakra, the chakra of inner wisdom and reflection, our third eye centre in the brow and associated with the pituitary gland. The generative Chakra is the seat of creativity and that can be, as its name implies, sexual activity.

In serious illness individuals often embark on an inner journey, the Brow Chakra is regarded as the upper room of the generative Chakra and this is where this inner journey feasts.  The Last Supper occurred in an upper room. The journey may include meditation or yoga and this is acceptable. Often you will find in practice that the generative Chakra becomes excited too, often as raised libido. This is not so acceptable in society. Ill people shouldn’t be sexy and this view may come from the individual as well as others, a received view of values. They may be attracting approaches and find this difficult. However this energy is important and holds in it optimism of greater healing, including recovery from the illness they have brought to you. Tread carefully.

The planet of this centre is Jupiter, the bringer of joy. It is also the place of Buddha. Think of Buddha seated cross-legged. Base Chakra firmly routed to the soil and the legs wide open to allow as much energy as possible to rise. The colour is Orange.

The journey may be seated in the Solar Plexus, the next Chakra moving upwards. This is where we get it “wrong”. What we call “thought” is really reactive will intervening in the minds true process. We act before thought (higher conscious) can operate. Action that come from the will, (seated in the liver) not through the heart. Our higher self operates through our heart. Strongly coloured emotions come from this centre; aggression, injustice, the victim, lots of cancer. Investing emotional power in what is right or wrong. Courage, force, conquest. The terrorist. The Salesman. NUX VOMICA is an archetype of this centre but also consider LYCOPODIUM, ARGENTUM NITRICUM, IGNATIA, ARSENICUM ALBUM Rx YELLOW

Working through this centre there is often severe stress on the liver. What ever remedies come up it is often necessary to support or precede with liver support remedies: CHEL, CARD MAR, PODO, LYC, SANG, THLASPI, MYRICA, CEONAN, CHINA, CON, SOLID. ADREN GLAND.

liver and lungs CHEL


This is the centre that often seems to be uppermost but it may be only a front, a paper tiger. The colour is Yellow the planet is Mars (the war bringer).

The Heart Chakra is the fulcum, we have moved through the diaphragm away from the “animal” world, away from delusions to the area of dreams. The heart and the associated thymus gland are our true organs of destiny. The future of the human race is dependent on this work being done. However the miasm is syphyllitic. This is also the centre of destruction. The centre of destruction and rebirth.

This is the centre of growth, the colour is green the planet is the Sun. NATRUM MURIATICUM is the archetype and THUJA is the main remedy.

Here a note on NATRUM MURIATICUM and SYPHYLLNUM. SYPHILLINUM is the remedy of masks. The Syphylitic age was  the age of the masked ball was at its most popluar when syphilis was strongest. Europe was engaged in destruction, wars within its boundaries and Empires were plundering distant lands. In SYPHILLINUM the individual hides behind the truth. NATRUM MURIATICUM build walls to conceal themselves and protect. The nature of how these two remedies present means they can look the same. THYMUS GLAND is so important as a remedy here and look at notes on this remedy elsewhere . All of these comments suggest that the work on the heart centre is to open it up. Particularly where it has been closed by events and history. Work here will have repercussions in the lower Chakra’s i.e. symptoms will appear that reflect those Chakra’s. The heart is the fulcrum and not the energy source on its own so there needs to be connection with the higher Chakra’s for healing to be sustained and AYAHUASCA  is particularly helpful here to drawn down “karmic” energy and other remedies that will work on the Pituitary Gland particularly are necessary. But then so is expression, speaking out, singing exercising the throat Chakra.

The throat Chakra is associated with the thyroid and many people will present with “thyroid” issues. Often this is a reflected set of symptoms and the problem is elsewhere. The thymus gland atrophies at puberty from a medical point of view and this is then compensated for by the thyroid and adrenal glands, So thyroid problems may need the heart chakra to be treated. Adrenal dysfunction may occur in other cases and present as ME or stress and again it is the thymus and heart chakra that need attention. Many cases of hypo or hyperthyroidism are not so. Check that the symptoms actually fit the diagnosis. If not suspect the heart chakra and also in ME and IBS type conditions.

Learning about the Chakras

The Chakra system is not easily understood from ”books” it is a reflective system. It is better observed rather than studied. It is a place for checking rather than assertion. Accessing this powerful tool is better through mindfulness and experience rather than the classroom. It is a journey and is also your journey. Spending time in the brow centre will help and to do that we can mediate, it is immaterial what process the mediation takes, just the exercise of this centre brings “enlightenment” by the processes of “mindfulness”. People will say they cannot meditate, or they have never learnt. Most of them are already sitting at the door and become its students. Start by walking on hills rather than looking for guru’s.

The brow centre carries messages from gods (spirit, source) to you. Meditation allows focus on this centre, the point of intuition. The seat of Hermes. In Hindu its is called the Ajna centre, the two petalled lotus where Shiva dwells. The pituitary gland has two lobes and understanding of how remedies relate to this organ can help understand its pathology. Overactivity of posterior lobe-  Children: overgrowth, early sexual maturity or the opposite. Adults: can’t grow more so bone deformities develop. In the under active accumulation of a lot of fat. Others display intense living or lassitude. Youngsters bullying, lying, stealing (Hermes was a thief). Idealist and altruist. A picture of  ARSENICUM ALBUM when well. Live intensively, cover more ground than others).

SYPHILLINUM 10m can awaken this centre. “Messages from the gods” – the Holy Grail the sign for Mercury  and the remedy MERCURY SOLUBUS can also be useful.

Fibroids result of “out of control” brain. Thoughts go round at night. CALCEREA CARBONICA, FOLLICULINUM or OOFERINUM 30 as an inter-current.

The Pituitary Gland

Posterior associated with sycotic miasm, Anterior Tubercular and Psoric. The cleft is Syphilitic (cleft OPIUM HELLEBORIS BUFO) – link between thought and action. The centre to which we all retreat, children live here. People who indulge in self-destruction – sweets and chocolate binge, too much alcohol. Any trauma esp. in childhood retreat for safety as result thyroid thymus and sex glands go out of balance. Centre records our dreams. If dreams unremembered is marked then this centre blocked. STEROIDS affect this gland BARYTA-CARBONICA, INDIGO. It is probably this centre that we need to treat in autism and DPT and MMR will be useful remedies.

At the summit we have the Crown Chakra. Associated with the pineal gland. Ones true spirituality. Direct access to other realms goes through this centre. The destroyer of ignorance. The thousand petalled lotus. Time and awareness and of light. The pineal gland is a light sensitive gland that produces the hormone melatonin, which regulates the instincts of going to sleep and awakening. It also produces trace amounts of the psychedelic chemical dimethyltryptamine.

Prophesy, psychic. Outward disease is a sign of inward (karmic) error. Trace back in case taking to get the pattern of error in the past. The whole manifestation of being, size, shape, colour are very much governed by the endocrine glands. Rx VIOLET suspect AGATHUS AUSTRALIS acts on this centre. Planet Moon. Potency here will often be 10M or 50M unless there is pathology in the gland or nearby e.g.brain tumour.