The Chakras in Homeopathy

The Chakras in Homeopathy

I am posting this article for Homeopaths and other healers to explore. If you have additional knowledge this is a place to share that. If you feel you need to criticise or condemn please go to another site, there are plenty.

Where should we start with the Chakras?

There are seven main chakras that are important to us. Three lower and three upper separated by the heart. The heart is the fulcrum of all growth.

Lets us start at the base

The base Chakra is where we get stuck. It is governed by the planet Saturn, the hard father. The father who sends us back to try again. That can be an external father, in the form of a biological father or external forces of work or the family, or more often it is our internal limiting self.

We get stuck here, its not that for many that we try and fail in life it is that we never get started. The result will be diseases of ossification, hardening of arteries, but also infertility and much other pathology that we may place elsewhere may be stuck or have its roots here. The overriding pathology is Sycotic. Chaos and fixed ideas.

This over arching control from Saturn means that at 28ish and 49ish, those years of Saturn return, these issues can be both pronounced but equally have their greatest possibilities for change.

Our lives’ develop in 7 years cycles. In the West we consider 21 to be the adult point but it is between 21 and 28 that we live out our parents aspirations, their dreams and wishes and we live them out by exploring them or rejecting them. The possibility for freedom comes around 28. If we ignore this, or took the “wrong” path, then it comes back at 49 with a greater possibility of pathology. Many problems of the menopause are reflected in issues not dealt with at 28 and this is often where you need to look in the case for the remedy.

The element is Earth. Remedies like CALCAREA CARBONICA.The colour is RED. The base Chakra carries our past memories.

If you want to explore a clients true path, ask about the games they played at 6-7. Their adult life should reflect those games. So if they were always building structures then that has to be expressed somewhere in their adult life (e.g. building their own house, or a hands on manager).If they were making sure their dolls were always well then they will probably working in the caring professions.

The route through the chakras is not linear. However, in our desire to move from the base Chakra we often excite the generative Chakra. This Chakra is paired with the brow Chakra, the chakra of inner wisdom and reflection, our third eye centre in the brow and associated with the pituitary gland. The generative Chakra is the seat of creativity and that can be, as its name implies, sexual activity.

In serious illness individuals often embark on an inner journey, the Brow Chakra is regarded as the upper room of the generative Chakra and this is where this inner journey feasts.  The Last Supper occurred in an upper room. The journey may include meditation or yoga and this is acceptable. Often you will find in practice that the generative Chakra becomes excited too, often as raised libido. This is not so acceptable in society. Ill people shouldn’t be sexy and this view may come from the individual as well as others, a received view of values. They may be attracting approaches and find this difficult. However this energy is important and holds in it optimism of greater healing, including recovery from the illness they have brought to you. Tread carefully.

The planet of this centre is Jupiter, the bringer of joy. It is also the place of Buddha. Think of Buddha seated cross-legged. Base Chakra firmly routed to the soil and the legs wide open to allow as much energy as possible to rise. The colour is Orange.

The journey may be seated in the Solar Plexus, the next Chakra moving upwards. This is where we get it “wrong”. What we call “thought” is really reactive will intervening in the minds true process. We act before thought (higher conscious) can operate. Action that come from the will, (seated in the liver) not through the heart. Our higher self operates through our heart. Strongly coloured emotions come from this centre; aggression, injustice, the victim, lots of cancer. Investing emotional power in what is right or wrong. Courage, force, conquest. The terrorist. The Salesman. NUX VOMICA is an archetype of this centre but also consider LYCOPODIUM, ARGENTUM NITRICUM, IGNATIA, ARSENICUM ALBUM Rx YELLOW

Working through this centre there is often severe stress on the liver. What ever remedies come up it is often necessary to support or precede with liver support remedies: CHEL, CARD MAR, PODO, LYC, SANG, THLASPI, MYRICA, CEONAN, CHINA, CON, SOLID. ADREN GLAND.

liver and lungs CHEL


This is the centre that often seems to be uppermost but it may be only a front, a paper tiger. The colour is Yellow the planet is Mars (the war bringer).

The Heart Chakra is the fulcum, we have moved through the diaphragm away from the “animal” world, away from delusions to the area of dreams. The heart and the associated thymus gland are our true organs of destiny. The future of the human race is dependent on this work being done. However the miasm is syphyllitic. This is also the centre of destruction. The centre of destruction and rebirth.

This is the centre of growth, the colour is green the planet is the Sun. NATRUM MURIATICUM is the archetype and THUJA is the main remedy.

Here a note on NATRUM MURIATICUM and SYPHYLLNUM. SYPHILLINUM is the remedy of masks. The Syphylitic age was  the age of the masked ball was at its most popluar when syphilis was strongest. Europe was engaged in destruction, wars within its boundaries and Empires were plundering distant lands. In SYPHILLINUM the individual hides behind the truth. NATRUM MURIATICUM build walls to conceal themselves and protect. The nature of how these two remedies present means they can look the same. THYMUS GLAND is so important as a remedy here and look at notes on this remedy elsewhere . All of these comments suggest that the work on the heart centre is to open it up. Particularly where it has been closed by events and history. Work here will have repercussions in the lower Chakra’s i.e. symptoms will appear that reflect those Chakra’s. The heart is the fulcrum and not the energy source on its own so there needs to be connection with the higher Chakra’s for healing to be sustained and AYAHUASCA  is particularly helpful here to drawn down “karmic” energy and other remedies that will work on the Pituitary Gland particularly are necessary. But then so is expression, speaking out, singing exercising the throat Chakra.

The throat Chakra is associated with the thyroid and many people will present with “thyroid” issues. Often this is a reflected set of symptoms and the problem is elsewhere. The thymus gland atrophies at puberty from a medical point of view and this is then compensated for by the thyroid and adrenal glands, So thyroid problems may need the heart chakra to be treated. Adrenal dysfunction may occur in other cases and present as ME or stress and again it is the thymus and heart chakra that need attention. Many cases of hypo or hyperthyroidism are not so. Check that the symptoms actually fit the diagnosis. If not suspect the heart chakra and also in ME and IBS type conditions.

Learning about the Chakras

The Chakra system is not easily understood from ”books” it is a reflective system. It is better observed rather than studied. It is a place for checking rather than assertion. Accessing this powerful tool is better through mindfulness and experience rather than the classroom. It is a journey and is also your journey. Spending time in the brow centre will help and to do that we can mediate, it is immaterial what process the mediation takes, just the exercise of this centre brings “enlightenment” by the processes of “mindfulness”. People will say they cannot meditate, or they have never learnt. Most of them are already sitting at the door and become its students. Start by walking on hills rather than looking for guru’s.

The brow centre carries messages from gods (spirit, source) to you. Meditation allows focus on this centre, the point of intuition. The seat of Hermes. In Hindu its is called the Ajna centre, the two petalled lotus where Shiva dwells. The pituitary gland has two lobes and understanding of how remedies relate to this organ can help understand its pathology. Overactivity of posterior lobe-  Children: overgrowth, early sexual maturity or the opposite. Adults: can’t grow more so bone deformities develop. In the under active accumulation of a lot of fat. Others display intense living or lassitude. Youngsters bullying, lying, stealing (Hermes was a thief). Idealist and altruist. A picture of  ARSENICUM ALBUM when well. Live intensively, cover more ground than others).

SYPHILLINUM 10m can awaken this centre. “Messages from the gods” – the Holy Grail the sign for Mercury  and the remedy MERCURY SOLUBUS can also be useful.

Fibroids result of “out of control” brain. Thoughts go round at night. CALCEREA CARBONICA, FOLLICULINUM or OOFERINUM 30 as an inter-current.

The Pituitary Gland

Posterior associated with sycotic miasm, Anterior Tubercular and Psoric. The cleft is Syphilitic (cleft OPIUM HELLEBORIS BUFO) – link between thought and action. The centre to which we all retreat, children live here. People who indulge in self-destruction – sweets and chocolate binge, too much alcohol. Any trauma esp. in childhood retreat for safety as result thyroid thymus and sex glands go out of balance. Centre records our dreams. If dreams unremembered is marked then this centre blocked. STEROIDS affect this gland BARYTA-CARBONICA, INDIGO. It is probably this centre that we need to treat in autism and DPT and MMR will be useful remedies.

At the summit we have the Crown Chakra. Associated with the pineal gland. Ones true spirituality. Direct access to other realms goes through this centre. The destroyer of ignorance. The thousand petalled lotus. Time and awareness and of light. The pineal gland is a light sensitive gland that produces the hormone melatonin, which regulates the instincts of going to sleep and awakening. It also produces trace amounts of the psychedelic chemical dimethyltryptamine.

Prophesy, psychic. Outward disease is a sign of inward (karmic) error. Trace back in case taking to get the pattern of error in the past. The whole manifestation of being, size, shape, colour are very much governed by the endocrine glands. Rx VIOLET suspect AGATHUS AUSTRALIS acts on this centre. Planet Moon. Potency here will often be 10M or 50M unless there is pathology in the gland or nearby e.g.brain tumour.




6 thoughts on “The Chakras in Homeopathy

  1. Thank you for this information on the chakras and how they relate to our endocrine glands, Len. Could you please explain what potencies are used? I am hypothyroid and have taken a combo of sarcodes for all the glands in a 6c and haven’t noticed it’s done a thing. Should one take a 30c?

    • the potencies related to the level of disturbance , so a 6 would relate to the organ itself only being disturbed, so a sprain or a cut of the skin or a detox of an organ. the higher potencies relate to other aspects of the individual. You would need to seek a homeopathic consultation really to get a better balance of potency and remedy

      • Thank you, Len. Do you provide such consultations thru email?
        Right now, I’m simply learning as I go: the 6c potencies didn’t seem to do anything for my pituitary, hypothalamus, etc so now I’ve started taking them in 12c. I followed the Banerji Protocol for hypothyroid which is Bromium 6, three times daily + Lycopodium 200, twice a day. I became so depressed I had to quit. A Bach Flower Essence quickly ended the depression. This protocol did raise my body temp from around 97.4 to 98.2 but I know my endocrine system is still a mess from about 30 years of way too much stress.

      • Banerji Protocol is a very good therapeutic method and I was privileged to be taught at one point by their farther. I would however suggest you start with a more constitutional based method. Yes ii can offer this over the internet, usually using SKYPE. Do come back to me if you would like me to set up a consultation.

  2. Hi Len,

    This approach to me is a no brainers. I’m so glad I came across your article.
    I have been looking for someone like you for awhile. Are you still conducting consultations over Skype/Zoom?

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